Friday, January 22, 2010

Suggesting geocoder [3]

From the previous post: "Next logical step of development will be to display all the alternative addresses as a selectable list."

While developing, I found this kind of user interface very handy. You can even learn something new while typing. I like it better than classic

Maybe I should give a hint to people:)

Play with it and comment please.

Many geocoders recognize a placename "undefined".


James said...

Excellent, just what I need for my online taxi booking screen. Been using a code that lets you calculate the price based on driving distance between A and B and plots the route on the map so this will go with it very nicely.
Is there a way to make the autosuggest bring up ONLY UK addresses, as when customers type their road name, it would frequently show addresses in the US?

Esa said...

Filtering of the suggest list would be essential. I am just working on it.

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