Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buttonless geocoder [2]

Google's geocoding service is enhanced continuously. It doesn't read your thoughts yet but it is quite forgiving with typos and missing characters.

Now you can see the geocoding result after every character you type in the new geocoder experiment. When you agree with the result in the display, click outside text field or hit Tab or Enter (not IE) and the map is updated too.

So the geocoding request is sent by 'keyup' and map is set by 'change' events of text input field. Clicking on map does not blur the text field and does not trigger 'change'. That is still waiting for a great idea.

Some people can type damn fast. Therefore the geocoding requests are limited to maximum three requests per second.

The 'hint' display shows the first address of the response set. Next logical step of development will be to display all the alternative addresses as a selectable list.

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