Monday, February 08, 2010

clearOverlays() in V3

There is no clearOverlays() in API v3. Some practices have been presented. I think this is the simpliest so far.

Push all the overlays in an array when created (as usual). Following code will clear both map and the array:


pop() method of an array removes the last element of an array, and returns that element. 'while' keeps that happening as long as there are elements in the array. When overlays[0] does not exist anymore, the mission is completed and code will proceed.

Applied in the example of the previous post.


Vincent said...

thanks for your trick

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions on how to delete just one marker of many in v3 via a link in infowindow? I keep track by pushing marker into markers array, but can't seem to find the "index number" of the one I want to delete

jluch82 said...

awesome! thanks

froggingbob said...

Thank-you sir! This saved me a lot of strenuous, tedious and downright useless coding and searching.

Anibal said...