Monday, September 14, 2009

Zoom events

The following concerns version 2 of API.

There is a single zoomend(old, new) event in documentation. However there are a few additional undocumented events that return a lot of data about zoom action.

'zoomto' is triggered always when user changes zoom setting. It returns two parameters. The first one is a string that indicates how the zoom was started. The second is an object {infoWindow: boolean} that tells if the info window is open. Following string values are discovered:

- "zi" or "zo" When zoom button is clicked
- "zs_drag_zi " or "zs_drag_zo" When zoom slider is moved
- "zb_click_zi" or "zb_click_zo" When zoom bar is clicked
- "wl_zi" or "wl_zo" By scrollwheel zoom
- "key_zi" or "key_zo" When zoomed by keyboard +/-

If we have continuousZoom enabled, we get more events: 'zoomstart' and 'zooming'.

'zooming' is triggered repeatedly while animated zoom is under progress. The interval is a few tens of milliseconds.

'zoomstart' is triggered when continuous zoom is started by dblclick or scrollwheel. Its first parameter is -1 or 1 indicating the direction of the started zoom. The second parameter is a GLatLng mouse pointer position. By double rightclick zoomout the second parameter is a blank object.

I have discovered a third parameter, a boolean that is true only by dblclick-zoom-in?

When triggering a continuous zoom, we get a series of events:
  • zoomstart
  • zoomto
  • zooming
  • zooming
  • zooming
  • zoomend
And a lot of data with them.

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ronggur said...

Is it possible that we can call another javascript function while zooming in or zooming out?