Sunday, November 02, 2008

Map Kitchen [part 1]

What is Map Kitchen? It is a  series of experimental pages. Also it is a JavaScript library that will contain the functions and methods used on those pages.

Where does the name come from? We have a great FM-station in Helsinki playing experimental music. One of their best DJ's took a name 'Soul Kitchen' for his program (he is a cook). So this is thanks to DJ Soppamies for inspiring me by music.

Where does the idea come from? Many people been asking me help for applying code ideas presented in 
  • marker data from a text file
  • sorting by nearest location
  • switching z-index of a marker
  • two-way interactive sidebar
I was exploring source codes of those pages and I did not understand much. No wonder that people been asking for my help. So I decided to start from scratch.

The series will use CSV text files as the data source because it been asked a lot. Still you can use any source:
  • inline hardcoded
  • JSON
  • feeds
  • Spreadsheets API
  • TSV
I been trying to write all the functions and methods to be programming modules for any kind of data source processing.

I already blogged a few methods how to generate CSV-formatted text files. Many of you have those files already from various sources.

When does it start? Just now, we start putting the CSV-data on maps. The first part is very simple: polyline from CSV.

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