Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had to update the contex menu of the editor of previous post. The idea of using infowindow as a context menu was bad. It covers the map and the area of interest is just beneath the infowindow.

I wrote a function that creates a popup block with hide() and show() methods. The block is made a GDraggableObject so that it will no more be on your way.

There has been a trouble with text input fields in a GDraggableObject.  No matter how hard you try to click it, the cursor doesn't stay in the field and you cannot enter anything. Suddenly the solution was found.

TIP! Add to the properties of the text input:

Driving directions were also added to the editor.

A few hours later:

Drop down selector is another problematic element on draggable block.  The block gets dragged unintentionally when the scrollbar is dragged. Actually all the elements with scrollbars do the same.

Fortunately GDraggableObject has some handy methods. disable() freezes the block and enable() makes it draggable again. The scrollbar problem was solved by disabling draggability on selector mouseover.

TIP! Add to the properties of a draggable selector:
onmouseover = draggableObject.disable();
onmouseout = draggableObject.enable();

After a few hours of sleep:

I noticed that Chrome doesn't build the selector options dynamically in the way I been using for a long time.
selector.options[index] = new Option(value);

Chromes dom inspector shows the generated options but they are not rendered! So the trouble is in Chrome. Lets go on.

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