Friday, November 03, 2006

Event tester 2.0 pre alpha

Now I have a partially operating pre alpha event test page v2.0 on line:
  • parameters (first three of them)
  • draggable output fields
  • more objects (info window, overview map, draggable object...)
  • the list of GEvents is read from text file that is a section of api
  • events are alphabetically sorted to a "List" field
  • events field is editable [submit]
  • call GLog to see timing
  • script area (also in v1) to write event listeners of your own
  • a bug was revealed:
  • mouseover and mouseout of map will not come back if once deleted
  • 'mousemove' is deleted for saving output field
  • I have managed to get a few times
Does not work with IE at this time but I quess that is not a problem. Please comment especially about 'zoomrangechange' and 'blur'.

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